Starbound Game Review

Welcome to my review of starbound, Released on July 22nd, 2016. this game is still being updated so things may change in the futures. this game is a sandbox,  survival, sci-fi, RPG,  platformer game.

What is Starbound

Starbound is an RPG, however i will not be going over the story in this review, so their is no worries about spoilers.

as of now their are 7 playable races: Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, Novakid each one with their own cultures, that even effect the armor and weapons you can make, and the ship available to you at the start.

you start off trapped on a planet, where you can go mining, dungeon exploring and even build your own home.

however your main goal is to leave the planet and travel the stars. on your journey you are able to upgrade your character with stronger armor and magical weapons.

with the crafting system and building structures. you can even forget that their is a whole main quest-line. this game has a lot you can do. and with multiple worlds it does not feel as restrictive on where you can go, unlike other plat-former games.

this does come at the sacrifice of large and diverse worlds as their is in terrraia, so you will find your self traveling the stars which this game has a countless number of. this however is not a bad trade off in the end.

Game modes

there is 3 Difficulty settings. once its chosen their is no way to change it for that character so choose wisely.

Casual: this is the easiest of all the game modes, when you die you loose %10 of your Pixels which is the in game currency.

and you can beam up to your ship from anywhere, this mean you don’t need to worry about being stuck under ground.

Survival: in this mode when you die you loose 30% of your pixels, and you drop all your stuff. except the items in your equipment tab of the inventory. you must be above ground in order to beam to your ship. and also you have a hunger bar which you will need to keep track of.

Hardcore: this mode is exactly like survival but with one small catch when you die you stay dead.


it seems these days almost all good games have mods. unfortunately the mods for starbound seem to have a limit to how advanced they can get.

which is good if your looking for a mod that lets you build a helicopter. however while looking through the mods on steam it does not seem to have any modes that change that much of the games core mechanics.


i love how the multiplayer system works in starbound. you can join a server with the character from single player. when you enter the server you will have your character, your crew, and your ship.

if you want to play with your friend you can join there single player world at any time through steam, however if you want to play alone you can turn this off in the settings.

you can also enable pvp by typing /pvp, when enabled you can kill anyone else that also has pvp enabled.

Rating and Conclusion

Link: You can find this game here!
Price: $14.99

Rating as of January 3rd 2018 is: 8/10

this game is a super fun exploration game, the story is pretty neat and their is a lot to do for 15 dollars.



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