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Welcome to my review of Factorio. Factorio is as of this moment, an Early Access Game found on steam.
Released on Feb 25, 2016. this game is a Sand Box crafting survival game with an RPG camera angle.

Goal in Factorio

Factorio starts off with you surviving a crash landing on an alien world.

your goal is to create power, Research new tech, create a factory, and launch a rocket into space to win the game. however its not as easy as it sounds.

this game can easily become a puzzle when it comes to creating your factory. you will need to figure out how to reserve space for you factories to grow. and to trance-port the appropriate items to your factories.

you must also also balance supply and demand of your machines, in order to soar to you ultimate goal.

however your factories will be contested by the alien swarms, drawn to your factory by the pollution. so you will also need to defend your lands.

as of now I’ve spent 200 hours in game creating factories, and though the game has an ending. the game does not end there,

as an engineer your true goal is to get the game to play its self though automation. which makes the game very addicting

their is also a multiplayer mode which you can join a server, create you own, or simply play on LAN

Map Editor

This is not a feature in the game I’ve played much with.

the map editor give you a god mode which allows you to spawn in both resources, items, and even monsters.

in this mode you have complete control of the map.

Modding in Factorio

you can find a lot of cool mods in Factorio. my favorite being AAI Programmable Vehicles.

all mods for the game can be added and activated, while in the game through a mod menu.

their is a large selection of mod to choose from, which only adds to the game as a whole.

thought i recommend adding the mods before starting a new game due to a possibility that it can mess things up

Rating and Conclusion

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Link: You can find this game here!
Price: $20.00

As of Right now i would Rate this game 9/10

for an early access game Factorio feels like a complete game. and for 20 dollars Factorio has a lot of content and has a lot of replay-ability. if you like Crafting game  or any kind of sand box game you may want to give this game a try.




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