blue snowball vs blue Yeti for gaming Comparison

Comparing the Blue snowball and the blue yeti.

when on the hunt for a new microphone, it can be challenging to find a microphone that fits the quality its needed for, without costing your entire budget. narrowing down the search to two microphones the blue yeti vs the blue snow ball. lets see which is right for you?

they are High-Quality microphones

Both the blue Yeti and snowball are Rich sounding High-Quality microphones. they are built to last, even after the occasional drop. and their is next to zero static. to get the rich Quality sound, they require you to be close to the mic. so a pop filter is recommended

Easy Installation

they are USB microphones. meaning they only take up one USB spot on the Computer. neither of them requires extra software. so they’re ready to use right out of the box.

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball
Image Source: here

Link: You can find the item here!
Price: $49.99
Color: Aluminum, Blue, Black, Green

sacrificing some quality, the blue snowball is affordable by any gamer, that is looking for an upgrade

on the front. this mic has a light to show if the mic is on. and a switch on the back you can choose between 3 settings:


  • First setting: being Cardioid Mode. which records from the front of the mic. 
  • Second setting: is the same as the first. but having -10DB which allows you to record louder sounds. and
  • Third setting: Omnidirectional, which records sounds from all around mic.

Pro vs the blue Yeti:

  • affordable price tag for a budget.
  • it more compact and lighter.
  • comes with a simple Adjustable stand.
  • easier to remove from the stand.

The Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti
Image Source: here

Link: You can find the item here!
Price: $128.99
Color: Platinum, Silver, Blue, Red, Slate, Teal, and more…

the Yeti chooses quality over affordability. making it less available to casual gamers.

this is mic perfect streaming, videos, and production of any content. the mic is much more clearer when compared to the snowball

Over all the Microphone is better quality

the entire mic is a high-Quality metal, other than the knobs which have plastic caps. this includes the stand which is a bit harder to remove compared to the snowball

stand has a nice foam under the bottom plate. making it easier to slide on smooth surfaces, and absorb some vibrations.

The Mute Button

this mic has a button with an LED to mute the mic. when pressed the light will blink meaning that its muted. or solid red which means its not muted.

the GAIN and Patterns Dials

 there are 2 dials on the back:

The GAIN Dial allows you to increase the sensitivity. increasing and decreasing sensitivity

The patterns Dial is what Mode the mic is set to.

  • BI-Directional Records from both the front. and the back of the microphone.
  • Omni-Directional Records all around the microphone.
  • Cardoid restricts recording to the front of the microphone.
  • Stereo records form a rich stereo field from all round. perfect for instruments.

built-in sound card

there is a built-in sound card in the Blue Yeti. with a port for headphones.  with a dial on the front to control the volume to the headphones.

through this sound card, you can hear what you sound like compared to the computer volume.

this allows you to modify the microphone. to the perfect GAIN. or to see if you have any background noise.

Pro vs the Blue Snowball

  • built in sound card
  • GAIN control
  • on mic mute button
  • Clearer Audio
  • more pattern controls

blue snowball vs blue Yeti for gaming Comparison

in the end these microphones are perfect depending on your situation, with a lack of money the blue snowball is the best mic for the normal gamer.

the blue yeti is a perfect upgrade for a rising game play channel, streamer, or anyone needing an upgrade


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